To be dismissive one could easily place labels on the youth: Technology-native millennial. Generation-me YouTuber. None of which applies to this songstress. Olivia Ray is proof positive that desire and confidence have no age limit. Unlike her peers, she was tuned in to her purpose since she was 8. Not only did she know what she wanted to do, she was willing to see it through. 

Ask her parents. Her greatest proponents for success have been supplanting a foundation for her career since the second grade. Despite the bullies and mean girls who doubted her, Ray endured negativity from those who lacked the vision she clearly possessed and used it as fuel to break the trappings of a small town mindset. In her eyes, Mokena, Illinois is home but not her final destination. Ten years removed from the spark that still gleams from a dream she has been chasing, Ray enlisted the assistance of the Artist Refinery, and is prepared now more than ever to be the star she envisioned. 

Greatly influenced by Pop-Rock artists Pat Benatar and Freddie Mercury, Ray hopes to bring back the power of instrumentation from that era while providing music that can stand the test of time. She wants to create her own iconic anthems that sonically make an imprint on the moment the same way Love is A Battlefield managed to move her before she even knew what love was. The impact music has made upon her is of great importance, which is why what she does with her gift goes beyond the melody. Ray wants to inspire her listeners and evoke emotion from the songs that she writes. 

Pulling from her past experiences, challenges and observations, Ray recognizes the necessity for music to be a medium to provoke thought, impart wisdom and bring out the best in others. Ray believes that every song she writes has the opportunity to empower and push people toward a positive outcome. Angry Girl is a byproduct of a moment in her life when others tried to tear her down. Contrary to the title, Angry Girl offers a solution to women everywhere who allow the frustrations of life to rob them of their joy. These solutions are at the very heart of the type of music Olivia Ray makes. She provides depth. As a result, she will stand apart. Her voice is simply the vehicle that will resonate and open up the hearts of her listeners.