Clients come to us wanting to become better at what they do. They know the music industry is a hard business to enter into and would like some guidance and training to be their best. The Artist Refinery navigates clients through the maze of the music industry, helping shape their career paths and developing them into viable and competitive recording artists.

We enable artists to rise above the crowd by developing their brand, image, web presence, live show and producing radio-quality product that is packaged and ready for the marketplace. Whether a seasoned artist who only needs slight direction, or a diamond in the rough needing lessons in vocal training, dance, or recording techniques, our experienced staff can help get you to the next level.



Attracting reputable management is one of the biggest hurdles a new artist will experience. Large management firms simply are not interested in taking on unsigned artists. The Artist Refinery recognizes that challenge and meets it head on by utilizing our extensive experience and contacts to design a strategic plan for our artists to achieve their industry goals.

From consultations on personal imaging, production, live performance, shopping record deals and much more, we can assist you with almost every component of your career as an artist.



The Artist Refinery can accommodate any musical need within any genre, including music writing, lyric writing, song production, and vocal production. Our team has a proven track record of music production at the highest levels and has been part of numerous award-winning projects noted for both critical and commercial success. We have the ability to take your vision and see it through to a completed project—on-time and on-budget.



In answer to the demand of our artists to establish credibility and to generate a revenue stream, we publish original products produced by The Artist Refinery and offer song-pitching services. We leverage our relationships with record labels and key decision makers in the industry to get your songs heard and considered for major label album projects and placement for use in film, TV, video games, and advertising.